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Half the Sky offers the love and concern of family for thousands of orphaned children in China who have lost theirs.
"We provide individual nurture and stimulation for babies, innovative preschools that encourage an early love of learning, personalized learning opportunities for older children, and loving - and most important, permanent - foster homes for children whose special needs will keep them from being adopted.
To learn more about our beginnings and how far we've come in our effort to reach the thousands of children who wait in China's welfare institutions."
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Each time you purchase from our Red Thread collection, Bunnies By The Bay donates a portion of the proceeds from that sale to help support Half The Sky Foundation. Please check out our Red Thread Collection.
Wish You Happy Forever written by the founder of Half the Sky Jenny Bowen, tells the story of China’s momentous progress in its treatment of orphaned and abandoned children. When Jenny began Half the Sky in 1998, determined to bring a caring adult into the life of every orphaned child, it seemed impossible that China would allow a foreigner to work inside government orphanages, let alone try to bring change. But gradually, after witnessing Half the Sky’s quiet perseverance and miraculous success, the Chinese government now not only trusts, but partners with Half the Sky to make life better for the children in its care.

Worldwide Orphans works to transform the lives of orphaned children to help them become healthy, independent, productive members of their communities and the world. More than 153 million children in the world have lost one or both parents. A child loses one month of developmental skills for every three months spent in an orphanage. By the time a child turns three, they are often a full year behind in development, and the disadvantages start to mount, including learning disabilities, motor delays and attachment issues.

Worldwide Orphans delivers programs focused on attachment, early intervention, health care, sport and the arts to communities and orphanages in Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Haiti, Serbia and Vietnam. By addressing the needs of the whole child, Worldwide Orphans giving kids strong bodies and the coping, social and life skills they need to be happy and successful in the future. 8
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