Baby showers are the perfect blend of tradition and creativity, bringing together friends and family to celebrate the newest little one on the way. And as a close friend or family member, it’s your job to throw a unique and memorable party! No pressure, right?

There’s no shortage of boy baby shower themes and ideas out there, so we’ve narrowed it down a bit and brought together some of our personal favorites. Consider these ideas a starting point, and be sure to add your own personal touch.

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Theme 1: The Nautical Baby Shower

Nothing quite captures the boyish whims for adventure like the sea. And there are tons of unique nautical ideas for baby shower games, decorations, and gifts. Start things off with the sweet touch of a nautical baby shower cake, like this adorable work of art from My Sweet Dream Cakes:

You may not have the decorating chops for something this intricate, but there are some nice nautical touches that you can easily incorporate into your own cake design.

Looking for nautical decorations that are easy on the eyes and your budget? Go with baby shower printables. You can find several free or affordable designs online, like these charming games and party circles from My Sister’s Suitcase

We also found some great (and low priced) printable on Etsy, like this sailboat baby shower game from Kelly Medina Studios.

Another nautical twist on a traditional baby shower game is the Message in the Bottle, seen below from Hostess with the Mostess. For even more authenticity, you can repurpose an old wine bottle and fill it with burned-edged papers. Take a look at this example from Move Lifestyle. Ask your guests to write words of encouragement to momma (and papa) to be, or create a time capsule of advice for baby boy that can only be opened when he’s older.

If you know it’s a boy on the way, there are a bunch of fun nautical baby shower gifts that will pair well with your shower’s theme. Our sweet sailor Skipit Collection will have a future wee one decked out in handsome outfits with fish and nautical details. 

We also carry a variety of gifts from our Bud & Skipit collection, including little plush toys,  books, and binkies – all with nautical themes. Top it off with a Lick It Up dish set and the little sailor will be well on his way to a happy life on the sea.

A nautical baby shower is a classic that never goes out of style, but there are plenty of sea-inspired gifts, games, and decorations to keep things fresh.

Theme 2: The Animal Baby Shower

An animal theme provides plenty of opportunities for fun decorations and games. Center a theme on a particularly boyish animal, or you could go for the whole zoo. Bears and puppies, elephants, turtles … choose something that’s versatile but unique!

If you’re having trouble deciding which way to go, start with an undeniable classic: the teddy bear. Create something delicious, like bear cake pops and teddy-shaped pancakes (shown below, via Pinterest), or turn up that old-world charm with some "beary" scones. The brown/baby blue color scheme is a great way to bring the whole theme together. 

And of course, a teddy bear-themed baby shower gift is not hard to come by. Check out the Bunnies by the Bay Scraggle Bear plush toy, which features mocha brown fur and a few touches of cream on the ears and snout.

If you’re going for something a bit gentler, you can’t go wrong with puppies. Start with the Unique Puppy Baby Shower Guest Book Print from Say Anything Design, a charming reminder of all the loved ones that came to celebrate the baby boy’s arrival. 

One ingenious idea, courtesy of GreenWay Life and Home blog, is to replace baby shower favors with an "adopt a puppy" box. It’s a great way to find homes for these plush canines – plus they don’t require regular walking! 

Stock your adopt-a-puppy favor box with cuddly pups from the Bunnies by the Bay plush collections. There’s Skipit, Shaggy Fetch, and the all-new (and true-to-his-name) Adorapup. Who said babies get all the cuddly toys?

For momma- and baby-to-be, Bunnies by the Bay has dozens of puppy-themed gifts, from rattles and teethers to our popular Bye Bye Buddy blankets.

If you’d rather slow things down for mom, there are always turtles and elephants! Hang a turtle baby shower banner, like this one from the Calladoo Party Craft Etsy shop:

For your games, try an elephant-themed printable guessing game. Your guests can try their best to guess the exact date and time of birth, as well as baby boy’s weight and length. Pick out a few prizes to send to the winners after the big day.

As for your turtle and elephant-themed baby shower gifts … always go for cuddly. There are plenty of super-cozy plush animals and blankets that baby boy will cherish for years to come. The Bunnies by the Bay Peanut Silly Buddy is a great option. 

Whatever animal theme you choose, from the puppy to the entire zoo, there are hundreds of unique, affordable options to make it a memorable gathering.

Theme 3: The Construction Baby Shower

Last but not least, we move on to a popular baby boy career path: construction work! Little ones are constantly learning and engaging with the world around them, and the little engineers can’t seem to get enough of diggers, shovels, cranes, and hard hats. So what better way to celebrate than with a construction-themed baby shower?

The photo below, via Catch My Party, is from a birthday party but is a great inspiration for some fun construction baby shower snacks and decorations. 

A construction theme also affords the opportunity to test your cake construction skills. Check out this amazing cake and shower decorations from the Sew Woodsy blog. The chocolate chip dirt and gravel is an inspired touch.

Beyond the food, you can find some wonderful printables on Etsy, like these construction signs from Two Laughing Lambs or these hilarious "Baby Under Construction" invitations from Gardella Global:

At the end of the day, a baby shower theme should reflect the excitement, anticipation, and love that every mother feels leading up to the little guy’s big entrance. If you’re on the lookout for baby shower ideas for boys, there is no shortage of inspiration on Pinterest, Etsy, here at Bunnies by the Bay, and many other blogs and sites. Have some fun with the creative planning process and make it your own!