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Delightful packaging to complete the perfect gift!

After spending all that time and thought picking out the perfect gift, let us give it the final touch. Our delightful gift packaging includes a beautiful logo gift box, delightful green tissue paper, logo sticker and soft printed grosgrain ribbon. Want to say something special just from you? We will type a sweet note to put inside your gift!

*Currently we are out of stock of our small size gift boxes. We will do our best to arrange your order in our larger boxes until we get more small boxes in stock.



Customer Review:

"Talk about great customer service! My package arrived today! Cute as a bunny! You gals rock! Thank you so much for the extra little wrapping box and all! Adorable! Exceeding my expectations! You are loved!

I got this present for my grandchild who is three, but I am dying to open it already and wonder if it's OK for me to hug it until Christmas and then put it back in the box." - Caroline

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